My Fetish For Foot Fetishists

Wouldn’t it be absolutely delicious torture if you had a foot fetish and you were a nail tech… not only working around barefoot women all day, but having to intimately touch their feet? Would you have to excuse yourself to the bathroom to jerk off several times a day, do it on your lunch break, or would you wait until you got home to replay the day in your mind?

I get pedicures regularly, twice a month, at the same shop. The employees are nice, they do good work, the prices are competitive and it is a clean and soothing environment. I find my mind wandering a lot while I’m reclining in the vibrating chair being serviced. Sometimes I am comfortable enough that I get turned on and when that happens, I often fantasize about this scenario: I’m the last appointment of the day. The other techs have left, dimming the lights, turning the sign off, and locking the door. Mine promises to finish cleaning up and shutting down after he’s done with my pedicure. It’s quiet, save soft muzak, and I feel very relaxed. All of techs at this particular establishment are beautiful, Asian, with almost delicate features. I like to look at them, especially this one. I’m glancing through a magazine, occasionally peeking at him through my lashes. I can’t help but think there’s a sort of focus and tension about him and that has me curious. I’m not afraid to be alone with him at all, but I wonder why he’s a million miles away and what he is thinking about.

When he gets up to fetch the hot towels, I notice he has an erection. For a fleeting moment, I wonder if he’s seen up my dress from his low seat or something, but I remember I have on capri tights, so there’s really nothing to see there. I sigh blissfully when he wraps the steaming towels around my calves. As he returns to rubbing my soles, I feel how slow and deliberate his movements are; the pad of his thumb is actually more caressing than just massaging. That’s when it hits me. Maybe it is something in his eyes or the way the tip of his tongue slips out absently wetting his lips that gives it away, but I know, at that moment, that he is getting excited by my feet. I have to admit, the idea of that makes my clit twitch deeply and I can feel that my pussy is wet.

I ponder what to do next. I would love to play with him a little bit. Is there a subtle way to let him know that, to encourage him? He strikes me as the shy, sensitive type and I know I tend to be pretty blunt sometimes. I don’t want to embarrass him or scare him. I inquire, conversationally, “Doesn’t this drive you crazy?” He pauses massaging for a beat and looks up at me wide eyed and stutters, “d-doesn’t what?” Hmm. It’s going to be hard to skirt around it since I expected to put at ease enough that his answer to be a confessing whisper of yes. I have to gently let him know that I know his secret and that it’s okay. I casually continue, “working around pretty feet all day…” He still has a cautious expression and looks away quickly before hesitantly replying, “Yeah…”  He trailed off like he wanted to say more. I watched his adams apple bob as he swallowed nervously. Now he’s clearly avoiding my gaze and deliberately trying not to look at my feet either. I can’t see his crotch from this angle, but I just know he’s rock hard right now. His left hands darts out to fiddle unnecessarily with the bottles of polish on his cart. He needs a little push, I decide.

I purred seductively, “Mmm, that feels so good” as I arch my back slightly and nudged my foot closer to him. “Now if you only offered a toe sucking service, I’d be in heaven,” I laughed playfully. The air has an electricity to it as I anticipate his response to THAT. “You… like to have your toes sucked…?” he murmurs uncertainly. “Oh, god, yes, licked, sucked, massaged, the whole bit.” As I catch the corners of his mouth starting to turn up, I add conspiratorially and almost apologetically, “Sorry, but it’s almost sexual to me.” His smile has turned into a grin. “Oh, yeah, for me too, for me too,” he nods enthusiastically. Finally! He is coming out of his shell! He looks visibly relieved.

Here goes nothing, I think and blurt out, “You can do that… If you want, I mean.” He bites his lip for a fraction of a second before clarifying, “suck them?” “You don’t _have_ to or anything…” I shrug. There’s no hesitation now. He’s probably so turned on he can’t help himself any longer and that turns me on. He places a palm under my heel and slides his index finger between my big toe and his thumb around the outside, capturing it with his fingers before capturing it with his lips. I marvel at how soft his lips are and how hot his tongue feels s he tantalizes the rest of my toes with his mouth. The surrounding cool air teases my moist foot and I feel that surge between my legs again. I cannot keep a small moan from escaping and I shift even nearer to him. That definitely excites him and any last shred of bashfulness disappears and he begins voraciously licking up and down my soles, occasionally suckling at my arches. I can feel his warm breath getting faster. My hands involuntarily drop from the arms of the chair, into my lap and I deftly stroke my pussy though my clothes. He sees this and begins to touch himself through his pants. “Take it out,” I whisper as he glances up at me, “take out your cock.”

And he does, immediately. I’m actually shocked at how erect he is. His cock is stiffly standing straight out. He circles his thumb and index finger around it as far as he can, just below the head, to masturbate himself while he feverishly stuffs every single one of my toes into his mouth. Watching him completely fill and stretch his thirsty mouth with nearly my entire foot is quite possibly the sexiest thing I have ever seen and definitely the most erotic sensation I’ve ever felt. It puts me right on the edge, but I don’t want to cum yet. Not like this. And this is not how I want him to cum either, I realize. He’s probably pretty close too. I’m almost breathless when I tell him, “I want you to fuck my feet.” He responds with a sound that is pure animal lust and I very nearly orgasm right then from hearing it. I have to abruptly lift my finger from my clit to prevent that from happening. He quickly extracts my foot from his hungry mouth, lifts the other up next to it and pushes his cock through the space between my arches. He bucks his pelvis wildly, watching himself use my silky feet to pleasure his cock.

I am trying desperately to hold off, to time it just right so that we are cumming together. When he slips the head of his dick in the space between my big toe and rubs that oh so sensitive spot of his shaft all over the wrinkled ball of my foot, I know he is about to get off. “Yessss, cum on my pretty toes,” I groan. As his cock spurts hot, sticky streams of cum all over my tiny toes, I feel my tight pussy contract repeatedly. His grunts of satisfaction have my juices positively pumping out of my cunt from somewhere deep within, soaking my panties. I’m shaking. He’s shaking. He grins broadly and laughs breathlessly, plopping back down on his seat. I stretch luxuriously, chuckled and mused, I guess you’d better wash them again.” Still smiling, he agreed.

What I Want In A Man – Revisited

I don’t think I am asking too much…

Or am I…?

- considerably older than I
- still capable of child-like wonder (think: fireworks, dinosaurs, nature, beautiful things)
- a balance of strength and vulnerability
- passionate about vintage kitsch, music, me
- likes watching movies from the 30′s – early 60′s and classic television
- has a corny, old-timey sense of humour
- kisses me… for no reason other than just because he wants to
- enjoys cooking, but can live with eating something frozen, canned or boxed once in a while
- waits until everyone at the table has finished before leaving (because that’s polite!)
- likes to do household chores together/as a team to make them go faster
- enjoys relaxing (seriously, some people are incapable of it!)
- enjoys going out to see bands, movies or to brunch/dinner occasionally
- likes dressing up once in a while for fun
- doesn’t mind driving
- isn’t an alcoholic or drug addict
- has stylish glasses
- likes curvy girls
- enjoys hot-tubbing
- enjoys going thrifting or antiquing
- likes museums
- can have fun playing craps, poker or board games at home
- likes the occasional weekend roadtrip (i.e. Brown County, Nashville Indiana, Wasatch Lake)
- shaves with straight razor and enjoys honing
- responsible (albeit sometimes grudgingly)
- empathetic, cares about my feelings because he knows I care about his
- doesn’t tell me what to do with my life or finances
- doesn’t freak out if I am a little quiet or a little tired
- doesn’t think I am seeing someone else just because I am quiet, grumpy or tired
- doesn’t assume everything is always about him
- holds my hand a bit when we go out
- doesn’t ignore me when we go out
- is ok with a little PDA
- doesn’t make me feel like he’s ashamed of or embarrassed of me
- compliments me without any hints or fishing from me
- enjoys reading
- wants us to visit family on holidays
- likes snuggling
- has cats
- doesn’t keep me as a weekend girlfriend only
- let’s me know he’s thinking of me even though one or both of us is busy
- actually wants to spend time with me, but has his own interests sometimes too
- doesn’t call/text or get on facebook when it’s “our time”
- asks me about what’s going on in my life (i.e. my day, family, friends, interests, problems)
- doesn’t interrupt me to talk about himself
- listens
- hears
- gives a damn
- tries to help cheer me up
- doesn’t bring up past mistakes whenever there’s a disagreement
- can communicate his thoughts/feelings and actually does (especially if something is bothering him)
- doesn’t hold things in (this exacerbates the situation & causes unnecessary resentment)
- doesn’t make assumptions or snap decisions
- doesn’t listen to or engage in gossip
- defends me when others talk shit
- wants to love and be loved
- is invested in Us